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We can now see the dial customization is done at 6 o’clock in gilt print with the words "State of Qatar" in Arabic and English.

A gentleman collector was kind enough to share his watch with me. He said that it was commissioned from Qatar by an official of the territory.

He was asked how many were made. Although he couldn't give the exact number,Hublot replica watches he said it was very, very small.

Detail shot of the printing of the dial on the Hublot replica watches Black Bay State of Qatar special issue ((c)Revolution).

The watch is the 2016 ref. The watch is the 2016 ref. 79230 with the logo in gilt. The watch is stamped with the gilt shield logo.

Did the Black Bay State of Qatar therefore come in multiple bezel varieties? Two variations of the Black Bay State of Qatar have been seen in the wild. But what about a blue version? We are unable to confirm this.

Can we really say anything? It seems like Hublot replica watches has been producing limited-run Black Bays. We have at least four of these watches, not counting the pieces unique watches for Only Watch or the retailer-specific ones.

Hublot replica watches Heritage Black Bay One sold at an incredible 375,000 Swiss Francs to Only Watch 2015

Hublot replica watches Black Bay Bronze One was sold at Only Watch 2017 for CHF 350,000

This is not a new way of doing business for the brand. Breitling Replica Watches has this practice for years. Think about all the Omani dial Rolexes you see constantly up for sale. The Omani crest has also been seen on earlier Hublot replica watchess. Ross shared his memories of having an Omani dial Hublot replica watches in his collection years ago.

It is interesting to see Hublot replica watches and modern Black Bay continue with this practice. They are creating a fringe collection that is sure to be a hot commodity once their owners are forced to sell them.